February 2015

Doing it on the day, when it counts - that's what it's all about. Training is all about improving your physical ability and mentally delivering this ability when it matters. The British Pistol Club Championships were a prime example of my solid recent performance, finishing in 2nd Place on both days. Whereas the British Championships, not quite so much! But it's what you learn and how you move on. Trying too hard in competition is easily done, and doesn't help!!
The winter Air Pistol season is all good preparation for my preferred Sport Pistol event. Training has started with this and I'm really looking forward to what the season has in store.


RIAC 2014

 Gorgs is competing at RIAC 2014 (in Luxembourg) 10th - 13th December.  

Full results are available from: FULL RESULTS

Live results are available via this direct link : LIVE RESULTS

There are 3 days of competitions, with qualification and finals on each day. 


December 2014

I'm entering the festive season with heightened focus and determination (if that is possible!) Also with a great win under my belt at the Surrey Open Championships. It was a tense final with many of the top GB shooters competing. My performance in the final was world class and was truly gratifying to know that my hard work training is paying off.

December hosts the first international competition of this season in Luxembourg. This is a good competition to go to, as I have done for many years, increasing the level of competition as well as having three opportunities to compete.

Training will continue despite Christmas, especially with my annual Christmas run and/or horse ride in the crisp winter air around Dartmoor!


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