February 2014

Sport is a great leveller. You need to enjoy the good days and bounce back from the bad. Mid January I competed in Munich, Germany in my less favoured Air Pistol event. It didn't go brilliantly, but as always I learnt a lot about my training that can only be tested under competition pressure. More hard work needed!

February has started with the first weekend of Sport Pistol training at Bisley. This predominantly outdoor event meant dressing accordingly for the cold weather was essential! Being such a static sport, keeping warm is a challenge! But it was great to get the opportunity to simply shoot the pistol.


January 2014


Hello 2014! Training and working has started with gusto after an enjoyed Christmas break! Being at home meant I've been able to step up my physical training, riding my horse, running and riding my bike predominantly. Devon and Dartmoor are great places to enable me to enjoy this and seek great benefit towards my overall training! :-) A short break from technical shooting for a week has meant January and 2014 will go off with a BANG!


Shooting4England 2013 A great success

Shooting4England 2013 was a great success across the South West of England. For the first time, the sport of Shooting was taken to schools in the form of the inspirational role model Olympian Gorgs Geikie, educating and inviting the students to participate. This progressed across schools in Dorset, Somerset, Cornwall and Devon, as well as involving Pony Clubs and Scouts in the Region.

The programme climaxed in the central location of Okehampton Smallbore Rifle Range, when the Regional Final was held. Young people who had qualified from the Introductory Weekends in their area, where invited to attend and resulted in a tense final that went down to the very last shot.

Congratulations to our Regional Champion Charlotte Hicks, Silver medallist Annabelle Evans and Bronze medallist Heidi Littlejohns, who are all Pony Club Tetrathletes showing obvious skills in the single event of Pistol Shooting. Further congratulations extend to Max Warren, who won the Most Improved prize from his Introductory Weekend competition score, in comparison to his Final Qualification score. Shooting4England, led by Gorgs Geikie achieved all it's intensions, to "Inspire the Next Generation."

"I would just like to thank all those people that helped to make this Shooting4England programme as successful as it was. In-turn I hope those volunteers have been inspired to continue to be involved with the sport, as without support of sport, the Next Generation can not shine," says Gorgs.


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