August 2015

It has been becoming more and more evident to me what an amazing feat it was for me to win an Olympic Quota place for London, 3 years ago this very month. And in an event that is very difficult to even train in my own country. But sometimes the harder a challenge is, the more rewarding and worth while it is! This year no GB lady pistol shooter qualified for the European Championships, close isn't quite good enough. This competition was where I won the first Olympic quota place a GB lady pistol shooter has ever done.

Now as I re-focus on my air pistol discipline, all roads for me lead to qualifying for the Air European Champs and final Olympic Quota place opportunities in March 2016. I've been seeking help from a psychologist who is really helping and I'm positive looking forwards.

National Paralympic Day has also been a focal point for me for this month, as I supported all the shooting clubs and grounds in the south of England who wanted to deliver an open day for people of all abilities over 25/26th July.