London Parade-September 2012

I think I saw more people on the streets of London for the Team GB Parade, than I almost have in my whole life! Looking back at my photos and the recording, I completely agree with Chris Hoy’s tweet that it looks like a “Where’s Wolly” in London! But actually “Wolly” was behind my camera!


It was fantastic to see some of the spectacular landmarks of London literally covered from top to bottom in smiling faces and red, white and blue. I now fully understand the phrase “a sea of faces!” It made me so proud to not only to be British, but be part of the most successful Team GB ever! Such a fitting way for us to say “thank you” for the nations support and to everyone in and out of every type of uniform, that made the “greatest show on earth” the greatest success.


Disembarking our “shooting” float (number 16) from the Parade in front of Buckingham Palace, signalled a personal conclusion to this amazing journey I’ve taken over the past five years. My journey to London 2012 I’ve liken to travelling from my home in Devon up the A303 to London. So when the final leg of that journey was on an open top float, in front of thousands of cheering people, with a Red Arrows fly past, this was beyond my wildest dreams! Finally stood there my parents Patience and Angus, who have been such a support to share this fantastic moment, totally made my day.

………Don’t they do flights from London Heathrow to Rio…….?!