Hello Olympic Village!

Average Monday mornings don’t seem to come into my world at the moment! At the beginning of this week, the final stretch of my journey to the Olympics was completed. I’m here!

The majority of the GB Shooting Team assembled at Bisley to travel into London together. The CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooting Association) very kindly laid on a lovely send off for us, with a cake and TeamGB bunting everywhere. I was slightly embarrassed when leaving Devon with a car full of kit, thinking I’d over packed for the month. But when seeing everyone else’s luggage (especially Pete’s!!) I understood why Phil had organised a coach as opposed to a mini bus!


Battling our way through the London traffic, we dropped our equipment at Woolwich and then headed to Stratford. The Olympic Village will basically be my home for the next three weeks and what a spectacular place it is! 

There were a couple of things that really caught my attention in the first few days of ‘village life’. The shear size of the dinning hall! It can seat 3200 people in one sitting and estimates serving 10,000 people for each meal time! At the time I thought the Commonwealth Games dinning hall was large…….but that was like Primary School in comparison to this!

Secondly, inside the village is like a real town. With Street signs, 15km of roadway and each block having its individual design. The legacy of this new area in Stratford, Newham, will be a great place to live. The girls of the shooting team, (Charlotte, Jen, Ellena and myself) are all sharing a flat in a GB block. Where on the 6th floor and have the most fantastic view of the Olympic Park/Olympic Stadium! When lit up at night it looks fabulous! There have obviously been Opening Ceremony Practise evenings, as there has been lots of music coming from the Stadium and lights flashing!

As the first few days have been passing, the Village the atmosphere has been building with more countries and athletes arriving. They’ve been making their mark with banners and bunting flying down the sides of their blocks. The patriotism is awesome and makes it all very real that this is the Olympics, a sporting event open to the world. And did you know that shooting is the fourth widest participated sports at the Olympics, with 390 athletes from 108 countries?!