Kitting Out

Any body who knows me will know of the large collection of “been there, done that got the t-shirts” I have! But I can quite happily say the only one I’ve ever longed for, was my own Team GB Olympic top. Along with another sixty plus items of team kit, that is exactly what I went to collect from Loughborough last week!

Loughborough University is the official location for the Team GB holding camp and therefore where the Team GB kitting out is taking place. When we were told prior to our arrival that the whole process would take 3 ½ hours, I could hardly believe it. But it was a least that! The Devonshire members of the Shooting Team (aka, Rory and myself!) drove up together. Just managing to contain my excitement until we’d passed through the security gates, we were greeted by the friendly faces of our fellow Shooting Team mates and management. Once again like the Team Announcement Day at Tower Bridge, this was a both a very exciting day and new experience to me, but I felt completely at ease being surrounded by great friends.

For the kitting out process, our shooting team were split into two groups who both followed the very tall Mens Volleyball team and ahead of some Boxers! Firstly we headed to the NEXT room, where we all had personal assistants and fitting booths! There was also a tailor at hand to assist with anything you weren’t happy with the fitment of! I thought I had slightly longer arms than you average arms, but it seemed that actually they are slightly shorter than regulation! We were informed upon arrival that David Cameron was visiting that day and it was at this point, when wearing a NEXT outfit that I got the chance to speak to him. I asked him a few questions about his view on the kit, but having signed confidentiality agreements about it all, I shall keep his answers under my hat!

We then headed to the Adidas area, where the bulk of the kit was. Again we all had personal shoppers who helped us with the sizing of everything. What a treat and how special I felt! The whole of Team GB had their photos taken wearing our Presentation Tracksuit, which will make up a grand Team GB picture. I’m really looking forward to seeing this and spotting faces, of which I keep having to pinch myself to remind me that I’m one of those!

A Shooting Team bonding evening was a great way to end a memorable day. John Harris (Chairman), Hamish McInnes (Chief Executive) and key support staff like Lisa Davies and Jenny Holsman were able to be there as well. We are now ready, steady, go……….!